By Prof. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed (Ameer of Lashkar-e-Tayyeba)

Jews, Christians, Hindu and communists have all collectively jumped into the fray against Islam. Their plan is to undermine Jihad by conspiring against it and maligning it. The disbeliever world is using propaganda as a devastating weapon through media. Now they are trying to infuse the thinking that Jihad is aggravating the political and economic problems of Muslims, and that if Pakistan properly uses its agricultural and industrial resources and establish trade relations with the disbeliever countries then it can make quick progress. Likewise the Gulf states can earn extra forex by exploiting their mineral resources. In short, Muslims can readily embark on the road to progress but they will have to renounce Jihad. Instead of banking on Jihad, they say, Muslims should turn to international organizations, and establish sound relations with the US and Europe, and in order to solve their problems Muslims should form political forums. Economists and political scientists of the US and the West are trying to bring Muslim countries, their leadership, governments and people to this point and warn them as well that if Jihad is launched in Palestine along the lines of Jihad-e-Kashmir then Muslims will be faced with great danger. Very tactfully, they are telling us to forget about Al-Quds and that if the war started, Saudi Arab will be in grave danger, the Sacred Mosques will not be safe. They say, if you want to stay out of trouble then call off Jihad, ban all Mujahideen organizations and stop facilitating them. Pressure is mounting on the Middle East in this concern and the West is out to exploit its leverage.

But, on the hand, situation is changing quite fast. The breakdown in talks between Yasser Arafat and Barak is engendering environment conducive for Jihad. The Jews, as ever, are continuing terrorism to put pressure on Muslims. The people saying prayer in Al-Aqsa Mosque were shot at. Children are being stabbed to death. Muslim women are being dishonored. Israel has unleashed a horrible reign of terror. Concern is growing among Muslims. The Imam of Harm (Sacred Mosque) has declared the obligation of Jihad. The scholars of Arab countries are delivering sermons on Jihad becoming an obligation. A strong call for Jihad is emerging from the pulpit. The Muslim youth are now gathering to take revenge. The news of Israeli atrocities have created a general atmosphere of panic among Muslims. And this situation is a preface to Jihad. After all, how long Muslims can let the disbelievers conspire against them and threaten them?

Remember, there is only one solution to all the problems of Muslims world, that is stand united and raise the banner of Jihad. If Muslim governments are obliged not to take action due to their commitments then Muslims themselves should fulfill their responsibility. Instead of creating any conflict with their governments or expecting anything from them, they should carry out the Islamic command of Jihad. A few sacrifices in this way will open up new avenues and Allah's Help will also comedown. The earnestness of His slaves will invite Allah's Mercy and Help.

O Muslim youth! Apparently, the disbeliever world looks very powerful, their hegemony is spreading all over the world but this situation will remain unchanged only if Mujahideen keep sitting on the fence, but once they launch Jihad the storms of evil and disbelief will soon subside. Wherever the Muslims waged Jihad Allah's Help descended for them and the superpowers of the day came apart. That is what happened is Afghanistan and what is happening in Kashmir. If today Muslims wage Jihad to retrieve the First House then the memories of the days of Umar (raa) will be relived and the exploits of Salahuddin Ayubi will be repented (Insha’Allah). And as a result the Jewish and Christian powers will collapse because they may have large piles of weapons of destruction but the morale and courage are abysmal as it is also stated in the Qur'an: All of them cannot fight you together but from behind the protection of strong settlements or walls but conflicts among them are fierce. You consider them one people but there is rift in their hearts because they are senseless. (Al-Hashr: 14)

Allah is establishing Jihad in a very sensitive area, Palestine. Muslims have to wage Jihad to uplift Allah's Deen and to free their Muslim brethren. We have to make preparations and it is up to Allah to reward our efforts.

Let us make a supplication to our Lord that O Allah! Our lives and strengths are for you. We are always ready to sacrifice our lives. O Allah! Accept our sacrifices and make our struggle easy for us. Today caravans of Mujahideen in Kashmir are marching towards their destination. Things are becoming easy thanks to the sacrifices by Mujahideen. India is terribly frightened at the situation. Israel is extending full support to India. This in a way is Help from Allah that the enemies of Islam are getting together. Israel, the US and Russia had all come to the rescue of India but Allah Almighty turned their attention to Palestine by changing the circumstances. Remember, all decisions are taken in the heavens. Allah Almighty has a plan to foil the machinations of the enemies. It is His decisions that are enforced on the earth. It is our firm belief that Jihad benefits the whole Ummah. Jihad-e-Kashmir invites the Muslims of Palestine to follow suit. The news of activities of Mujahideen in Kashmir are creating an understanding of Jihad in the Muslim world. Similarly, the uprising in Palestine is benefiting Jihad in Kashmir.

Muslim Ummah must be careful not to give in to the conspiracies of the disbelievers. Instead of engaging in talks and negotiations, Allah's command to wage Jihad should be carried out. It will certainly bring forth positive results. It is satisfying for us to see that the greater the efforts by disbelievers to curtails Jihad the more conducive the circumstances for Jihad become. We should be encouraged by these things and devote ourselves to Jihad with greater earnestness. We invite Muslim leadership that if it cannot take up the cause of Jihad directly, it should at least ban the US and Indian products in Muslim countries, and terminate all trade with them and withdraw investment from all non-Muslim countries. Similarly, the non-Muslim manpower working in Muslim countries should be evicted, this will provide employment to our own people. Muslim countries should co-operate with each other in the fields of defense, trade, industry and politics and other areas as well. This will help solve our problems and is also the need of time. We should realize that according to our belief Muslims are distinct from non-believers and our friendship with them can be anything but fruitful.

The main plank of the US and western planning is to foster friendship between India and Pakistan and help establish trade relations. Likewise they want to bring Jews and Arabs closer to each other through agreements and negotiations. Whereas our Lord has warned us against such politics. The main focus of all efforts of the disbelievers is on making Muslims renounce Jihad. They want Muslims to make friends with them and indulge in worldly pleasures. Whereas Allah Almighty wants that Muslims should demolish all forces of disbelief and become the masters of Allah's land and enforce Allah 's command. Allah Almighty says in the Qur'an: (Allah wants) that He might justify Truth and prove falsehood false, distasteful though it be to those in guilt. (Al-Anfal: 8)

O people of Muslim Ummah! We have shown you the path of Islam in the perspective of current circumstances. Let us adopt it and attain success. May Allah be our Helper and supporter! Hindus' murder, a conspiracy to defame freedom struggle: Lashkar-e-Taiba Lashkar-e-Taiba, the freedom fighters' group in the Indian held Kashmir has said that the Indian govt. with the help of extremist Hindu organizations has started killing minorities in the valley to defame the popular struggle of Mujahideen. Ghulamullah Azad, a Lashkar spokesman while talking to newsmen here Sunday said that India, which claims to be the third largest military power in the world has suffered heavy damages at the hands of Mujahideen in the valley. "To cover for Indian failures anti Muslim forces like Israel, US and Russia have jumped in helping the Indian secret agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) in the killing of minorities. The spokesman said that the weaknesses of India and strong strategy of Jihad had become obvious in front of the whole world and the anti-Islamic elements from all over had joined hands to fight off the Jehadi forces. He said that the Indian troops instead of confronting freedom fighters, had become involved in maligning the image of Mujahideen. However, he added that they would definitely experience a bitter defeat at all the fronts. Responding to a question, the spokesman said that attempts were made to tarnish the image of Lashkar-e-Taiba by alleging it in the murder case of five Hindus in district Doda. He added that the murder was committed by the Indian troops themselves. He said that Jihad is a religious duty and Islam prohibits the murder of innocent people.