From Minhaj al-Muslim

At the onset of the US invasion of Afghanistan many months ago, there was a man in Malaysia, who, having heard of this tragic news of the attack against his brothers and sisters, rode on his Moped (Yes! On his Moped!!) on his way to Afghanistan. Dressed in everyday garb, carrying a bag, and with full wholehearted pledge of allegiance to Allah, His messenger (saw) and the Muslims, he was determined to make it to Afghanistan fisabilillah.

But, he was caught on the border of Thailand upon exiting that country northward, and told to go back home.

Some may find this an amusing conversation piece over the dinner table. Nonetheless, instead of belittling his actions, as Muslims, we need to find it in our heart inshaAllah make dua’a for that brother.. may Allah grant him al-jannah for all his intentions to fight for Allah's sake and to defend his brothers and sisters.

While many of us make excuses, hesitate and think twice about jihad fisabilillah, here was a man, who had plenty of al wala' wal bara' -- enough to take him hundreds and hundreds of miles on his motor scooter with the sole intention and hope to defend his brothers and sisters in Islam.

May Allah forgive all the Muslims. Ameen! The story reminds me of the hadith narrated Abu Huraira.

The Prophet said, "A horse may be kept for one of three purposes: for a man it may be a source of reward; for another it may be a means of living; and for a third it may be a burden (a source of committing sins).

As for the one for whom it is a source of reward, he is the one who keeps his horse for the sake of Jihad in Allah's Cause; he ties it with a long rope on a pasture or in a garden. So whatever its rope allows it to eat, will be regarded as good rewardable deeds (for its owner). And if it breaks off its rope and jumps over one or two hillocks, even its dung will be considered amongst his good deeds. And if it passes by a river and drinks water from it, that will be considered as good deeds for his benefit) even if he has had no intention of watering it.

A horse is a shelter for the one who keeps it so that he may earn his living honestly and takes it as a refuge to keep him from following illegal ways (of gaining money), and does not forget the rights of Allah (i.e. paying the Zakat and allowing others to use it for Allah's Sake).

But a horse is a burden (and a source of committing sins for him who keeps it out of pride and pretense and with the intention of harming the Muslims." Sahih Bukhari:Volume 4, Book 56, Number 839.